Ronald Russo

An experienced public school music teacher, Ronald Russo most recently served as the music coordinator for Connecticut's Region 14 School District. He joined the school district as the band director in 1968, when it was newly formed, and began by teaching grades four through six. Ronald Russo ultimately became the band director for grades four through 12 and remained with his original students as they moved through the system.

As the region's first band instructor, Ronald Russo played a key role in securing such equipment as music stands, music, and instruments. The district received much of this equipment as donations, which Mr. Russo solicited from local community groups and parent organizations. He continued to facilitate the music program's growth as his role shifted, most significantly in 1979 when he became Region 14's original music coordinator.

Ronald Russo has also served the Watertown community as a member of the board of education, the redevelopment committee, and the town council. During his two years on the town council, he successfully advocated for the creation of a housing authority to establish elderly housing in the city. He went on to serve with the housing authority for 24 years, chairing the organization for the last 18 of those years.